Bennett’s is the home of the Premium Photo Print

Just relax and we’ll take care of the:

  • Colour
  • Brightness
  • Contrast
  • Red eye

If you’ve ever wondered why our store is so busy, order your Premium Prints now and you’ll soon see why!

All our Enlargement Prints are a Premium service. For Professionals wishing to do their own enhancements, see here for more information.

Interesting Fact : Our service of viewing and enhancing your photos prior to printing is often described as unique or different. At least in this country it is, very little regard is given to consistent quality these days by almost the entire photo processing industry within Australia.

In the U.S. however, our process is considered the standard way of processing. Thats right, taking some consideration for the quality of your images is regarded as necessary throughout the U.S. but not in Australia.